Saturday, September 24, 2005


Today was a lazy day.
I didn't get dressed until noon and then I moseyed across the street to OTSU and hung out with Jeremy & Yvonne for a while. They need a nick name... like Beniffer or Bradjelina. See if you can come up with a good one. It would make my blogging mucho easier.

There was a war protest up the street so I joined them for a while...
and then decided to wander and help the US economy by doing more shopping... but all I ended up doing was buying Gerry more presents. What a lucky M.F.

I also made a new friend...
I think we're going to hit Millenium tonight. Everyone keeps telling me to go there... so I want to see what the fuss is all about. :)

More later my Peeps.


  1. Have fun at Millenium! Oh, so good. Yummy yummy yum.

  2. Thanks for the rad b-day present!
    Your such a thoughful older sis!
    When are you home so I can call you?

  3. I love you Big Benny!