Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Oh my god... Sam you are toooooo cute!! Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 1:39 PM
Subject: photo of your recipe....

Hi Sarah!I thought I would send you a photo of my 7 month old son Sam enjoying some of the sensational sun-dried tomato and chick pea soup from Garden of Vegan. He enjoys that recipe as much as we do I think and we've made it often since finding this out!

Monday, February 27, 2006

About last night...

Last night a group of us got together to celebrate my girl Bettina's birthday. Brian blind-folded her and brought her into the Lotus Pond where we were all waiting to yell surprise. The funny thing is... Every year Brian has a surprise party for her *laugh* and every year she's surprised!! :)
I like going out for dinner with my hubby... The gang was all there...
I had a custom comic made for Bettina's birthday... she was very excited.
And then we ate... Mock Duck.
Oh dear lord... Veggie Chow Mein. Sweat and Sour Mock Chicken Balls. (Sweat... *laugh* Oops. Typo on the menu).
Pot Stickers. Won Ton Soup...
There was tons more food but that's all I managed to get photos of before it was inhaled. *laugh*

Then we headed back to Bettina's crash pad where we ate the GIANT double layer birthday cake I made from HIAV. Auntie' Bonnie's Wacky Cake for those of you who are curious.
That Bettina... never misses a photo-op. Put a fork in me...I'm stuffed.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Joy of Soy

I'm in the National Post today!! If you click on the photo below you can read it... really cute interview. The reporter gave good interview...We had a lot of fun on the phone. :) I'm so exhausted today. I've been painting more walls at the tattoo shop and my arms feel like lead. *laugh* Me so tired... carry me!!

I had a HUGE breakfast yesterday. Yes. I actually ate ALL of that food in one sitting.
Scrambled some tofu with a little "Needs a little extra" spice from LDV (pg 305). Threw in some broc and asparagus, some Tahini on toast and I was ready to go paint. Today I woke up feeling like I ran a marathon.

So I'm off to do a final coat of red before I start on Gerry's studio. MAN!! I'll be glad when all the red is done... ugh.

Ms. Kissy Fit...

Thank you Liz for this photo... you made my year!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bad Kitty...

Took some fun photos of Bettina and her pal Jorryn last night.Nothing better than a half naked girl, fishnets and a whip. :)

Congrats to Katrina and Tiffany for winning the magazines!! :)

I have two issues of Satya to give away today...This is a really fantastic magazine. Check them out even if you don't win this give-away.

Oct 2005

Sept 2005

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another update so soon??

Uh oh. Another update so soon?? How exciting.
First off. I’m coming back to Toronto!!

Hamilton actually... I will a panelist at the McMaster Peace Film Festival on March 13th. I hope you can make it... we’ll be watching a movie, talking, eating and of course I’ll have books for sale and a pen ready to autograph it for you.

So that means Left Feet better look out cause I’m coming in to do some shopping!!

I just did a podcast interview with the delightful Vegan Freaks that will be up and ready for you to listen to on Tuesday Feb 21st. You can listen to it HERE.

I also just did an interview with Vegan Radio. Not sure of when it’s gonna air... so stay tuned to my blog for updates.

Oh yeah! Lastly... but never leastly... Herbivore Magazine Blog now has a “writers-mashup” blog for you to read. It involves some of the writers from Herbivore, including me...
so check it out daily for mad silly fun.

That’s it for now.


Fergus is not sick. He spent 17 hours in bed yesterday cause it's FREAKIN cold here right now. This is what he looked like this morning... I anticipate another long day laying under the covers. Like most of the country we've been hit with an arctic wind that makes my nipples hurt. Once he climbed out of bed, we went to the beach and he ran around like a crazy person who's been laying in bed for 17 hours. *laugh* The beach was just lovely. Sunny. Cloudy. Sunny. Cloudy. Really pretty this time of year. Speaking of pretty, on Gerry's day off we walked to get him a coffee (I love Gerry but I love Coffee Gerry more) and then to Beacon Hill park. Haven't been in the park for a while... and forgot how beautiful it is. Gosh I am lucky to live here.

My best bud Claire took me to see The Love List at The Belfry Theater last night. I laughed for 2 1/2 hours straight. My face hurts this morning.

I'm just now waiting to hear from The Vegan Freaks. I'm doing an interview with them today which will be on their podcast soon. I'll let you know the dates.

I also did a podcast interview with Vegan Radio a few nights ago. Dates of broadcast to follow. :)

Before I forget...One of Gerry's clients works for Victorian Epicure and gave him a jar of Whole Nutmeg as a tip. I JUST bought myself a jar of nutmeg... so I'm going to give this nutmeg to you.

NEVER MIND!! Carrie won the nutmeg.
You are too slow. Better luck next time.

Friday, February 17, 2006

17 hours

My dog stayed in bed under the covers for 17 hours. We went to bed at 11pm and he got up today around 4pm. *laugh* He must have a steel bladder.

That's 17 hours right? I don't do math... help me.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Maggie MacDonald

My friend Maggie MacDonald has written a really great book called Kill The Robot.

Do yourself a favour and run out to your local bookstore and pick it up. It's an amazing read.


Kelly just sent me some awesome photos of her and her family enjoying a Valentines meal she made entirely from HIAV, GOV and LDV. Look at how cute she is. :)

Thanks for sharing Kelly.
You rock.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I'm thinking of getting a yogurt making machine to make my own soygurt. I'm tired of giving Nancy all my money...

Anyone have any tips? Any machines they like better than others??

Boobs, boobs and more boobs!!

Happy Heart day everyone!!
Stuck with nothing to do tonight?? Well when in doubt... watch tv.

Tonight at 11pm EST (8pm PST) on The Life Network my best girl Shoshana Sperling, is in a documentry called Stacked Like Me about woman with DD+ breasts.I think Shoshana is the funniest person on the planet, infact she was voted "Person most likely to make you pee your pants" by NOW Magazine.

When she's not busy acting, writing or performing she's busy fronting her band The Monkey Bunch. She's a Double D dynamo and one of the only grown-up people in my life who is shorter than me. :)

Maybe Jane Wiedlin is shorter than me... but not by much.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made Chocolate Chip Cookies from HIAV yesterday.I had forgotten how wicked that recipe is.

I also went out for dinner the other night with my pal Sivan to The Lotus Pond. I've never been there... cause Mock Meat stuff kind of freaks me out... But despite the frightening menu...The food there is sooooooooooooooo good.

We had veggies w/black bean sauce... brown rice of course...
And Ginger B. Which I guess is a mock Beef?? I dunno. It was tasty as hell.I walked out of there wishing I had worn pants with an elastic waist. :)


I love it when readers send me photos of the food they made. :)
Here's JamieX enjoying a recipe from LDV!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Eli and Heidi

My nephew and niece sent us a package yesterday! WOO HOO!! It was filled with wonderful letters and a bunch of weird fun stuff. Like this magical clear stone good for making my eye big.

And these chopsticks... good for plugging my nose when Unkle Gerry farts.
And he will fart... cause they sent us a package of Soy Jerky!!Gerry likes to use his chopsticks for stabbing me. I'm not sure why.I got a package of dried fruit that tasted weird... and then I noticed it was 6 months past the due date. *gag* I threw them out. :) I got a mini-address book to put all my important numbers in. I also got a used tube of Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss. Ummm... used? It was used. *gag* I threw it out. :)
And even though Fergus sat there waiting like a pretty little pony for a present... there wasn't anything in the package for him. So sad... so I gave him a piece of jerky and that seemed to make him happy. Thank you for all the fun stuff you guys! I love you both sooooo much! There's a GIANT package on it's way to your house as we speak... You're gonna explode with excitment when you get it.

Thursday, February 9, 2006


I always think it's weird when I see someone riding their bike... and they are smoking.

What a day...

What a beautiful day...

Dear King Ad Rock

Please marry me...

In other news...New Beasties movie coming out March 31st. Be still my heart...

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Banana bread... haircuts... and the library

Someone got a haircut...
In the news a few days ago a woman was walking her dog on Dallas Road (a popular place to walk dogs off leash and one of Fergus's fav places to sniff bums and pee) and two eagles swooped down and tried to grab her small dog. YIKES! It's the time of year when the eagles are getting ready to nest and make babies and are hungry for food. So...we're gonna stay off the dog walk and Willows Beach (another Eagle hang out) for a while. Yikes. Can you imagine?? *shiver* I don't even want to think about it.

Waiting outside at the library yesterday (no dogs allowed inside...pfft) I looked up. Wow... Never noticed that before. Tried to do a little baking yesterday. Made a banana bread (not my recipe) for breakfast. Don't you hate it when your bread busts when you're taking it out of the loaf pan.
I'm sooooo tired from painting. Can you tell? *laugh*
My arms hurt. My ass hurts.... but it sure looks pretty. Photos soon. I promise.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

I went outside!!

Gerry got me to leave the house tonight... we went to see a punk rock show at the JBCC. Where everyone... had... a little...bit ... of bob-sled fun!

Jay jumped higher than ever. And No Holding Back played their first show... and were Cracker Jacks!
And of course the night ended with a pie-fight.
A good time was had by all.