Tuesday, July 4, 2006


Holy Moly... I'm beat.
Moving sucks. We're all in now. Now comes the fun part of un-packing and arranging and re-arranging everything. I still have to go back to the old apartment and clean... ugh... I hate that part.

On Sunday we went to a Vegan wedding for our friends Jay and Andrea. What a spread!! The wedding was great but the food! THE FOOD!! They had the wedding, dinner & party at The Laurel Point and the chef there made a 100% Vegan buffet. It was incredible. Every single dish was tastey and delish.
Really well done... I was very impressed. If you're ever considering having a Vegan wedding in Victoria BC...Laurel Point is the place to do it.We had a lot of fun... Gerry even danced The Chicken Dance with me!
Brian ... as usual... had an excellent time.Awwwwwwww!We came home and collapsed. I woke up the next morning with "Rock Lobster" still ringing in my ears and had to do a mad dash to the other house to meet the movers. Soooo exhausting. Me need a nap.


  1. Sarah you look gorgeous!!
    And I really like the look of her wedding dress.

  2. Is that Gerry kissing the bride?!?! Fun!
    What a feast. I hope someday when I get married I can have something that wonderful.

  3. Sarah's BlogJuly 4, 2006 at 11:38 AM

    Ha ha ha.
    No. That's Jay kissing his wife. Jay and Gerry look a LOT alike. :)

  4. moving: the only way out is thru :(
    vegan weddings: WOOT. I think we're going to have to renew our vows, just so we can have one.

  5. That's so awesome.

  6. Great food, great photos, great time, GREAT KISS.

    Love this post!!!