Friday, November 4, 2005

no photos today

I don't have time to post photos today...Gerry's leaving soon and we have to re-pack our bags (he's taking all my moo shoes shoes home) but last nights event at Moo Shoes was really wonderful. Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a treat to meet you all. I'll post some photos as soon as I get a decent internet connection.

I sat at Teany today having breakfast and who sat down beside us? Naima from ANTM. I didn't know what to do... I wanted to let her know that my girlfriends and I get together every Wed to watch the show, but I didn't want to bug her... *laugh* Damn.

Same with Moby. I saw him yesterday and didn't want to bug him.
Same with SwimFan girl I saw on the subway. I didn't want to bug her.

So all of you who I scolded for not bugging me when they saw me... I now understand. :)

I'm off to Baltimore tomorrow. Any good places to eat?


  1. yay! i had so much fun!

  2. i know what i would have said to Naima... Easy Breezy Beautiful, Covergirl! And then i would have ran the hell out of there all the way back to San Francisco. But on the way i'd stop at Candle Cafe cause that place rules! ....Hope you're having fun on the East Coast.

  3. We are Canadian and don't bother "stars"