Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dear Mummy

Dear Mummy,
I hate you and my new sweater.


  1. Well, doesn't Fergus look over the top! Simon has a fleece coat that he wears in the wintertime, but it hasn't got a hood. He has very short hair and not a lot of it, so he chills very easily. My friend makes fun of me and won't go out with us if Simon is "dressed". If she held him while he was shivering I bet she'd change her mind. I haven't even mentioned the boots to her yet! HA!

  2. I also just noticed that Fergus is on your bed. Lucky dog!
    Simon sleeps with us - in the middle. He even has his own pillow. Who do you think runs our place? He's worth every stolen cover.

  3. Fergus wears a coat as well when it's cold. We keep his hair sort (otherwise he gets matts). So we keep it short and accesorize with clothing. YAY! :)

    Fergus sleeps in the bed with us (it's a king size)... but despite the gigantic bed I am always pushed over to the edge while Fergus lays lengthwise between me and gerry. *laugh*

    He is the king of the house for sure!!

  4. My cat usually lies at the foot of the bed, but sometimes, she'll crawl on me. When my boyfriend comes over, she'll lie on his hip sometimes. She won't get between us, probably because I must be pretty active in my sleep. I've woken up with unexplained scratches!

    My b-f has bought hats for Miss Kitty, but she only wears it very briefly, and I don't even think of trying to put the strap under her chin.

  5. I think Fergus looks adorable...sort of Tigger-like.

  6. Don't blame him:)
    You might as well give him some ponytails while you're at it.
    Man alive!!

  7. *hahahaha* i just LOVE it!

    merry ho-ho and all that jazz...