Friday, December 2, 2005

Menage a trois

I went to The Belfry last night with Bettina and saw The Syringa Tree. The Belfry is such a wonderful theater to watch a play... Inside an old church the seats curve around the stage and create a really nice intimate enviroment that is perfect for watching a performance. My photo doesn't really do the theater justice. *laugh* The play was a one woman show and I can't even begin to explain how incredible the actress was. She played all of the characters in the show (sometimes having coversations) and you always knew which character she was. Her voice changed. Her body changed. The entire production was top knotch, a very moving play. I'm glad I brought some tissue.

I then came home to find my dog in the aftermath of menage a trois that took place with Bunny and Mr.Shark.

I've decided to take some time off and just relax. I think I deserve it... so I cleaned out my fridge.
Ahhhhh. Am I the only one who relaxes by cleaning? I blame my Step-Mum. Like mother like daughter.

Next I'm going to tackle under the bed... it's a king size... so wish me luck.

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