Saturday, August 26, 2006


Remember when I told you about that pup tent I wanted to buy for Fergus?At The Camelot is now ON SALE for half price!!! ooooooh... what's a girl with a spoiled dog to do?

The little house Fergus has now is so white trash... A puppy of his caliber deserves a much better doggie house. I wish the Viva Le Chocolate or the Scarlet Pimpernel were on sale. Don't worry folks... they're faux suede.


  1. The Camelot is very regal. Fergus deserves it.

  2. "CAMELOT!!!"

    Sing it with me, Sarah. Love it. Yeah, the chocolate digs are sweet but Fergus won't mind the pinkness... dogs are colour blind!

    BTW, the photo of Fergus in his "white trash" home is precious. LOVE it. Sleepyhead!!

  3. HEY! it's a QUALITY tent!!

  4. Awww...he's really lovin' it. How sweet. You're a good mum....