Tuesday, October 3, 2006

F**k The Commonwealth

Listened to F**k The Commonwealth yesterday... what fun this LP is. Put out by FOBP in 199? it is a compilation stuffed full of BC and Ontario punk bands.

A really fun cross section of music with the BC side of the lp having some of my favourite local Victoria bands like Goat Boy, Nothing to Lose and MPA to name a few. M-Blankets cover of "In Your Room" almost makes me like The Bangles and it makes me dance around like a school girl. M-Blanket was amazing... if you ever come across a M-Blanket 7"... GRAB it! You'll love them... ahhh the 90's.

The LP might still be for sale as a lp or cd at FOBP headquarters... maybe e-mail them and ask.

My fav part of the record is the snippets taken from a SCTV skit about punk rock... YAY youtube!


  1. I have the F**k the Commonwealth CD pictured in the top left corner. I got it back in my indie punk rock zine kid days, and I haven't listened to it in ages. Maybe I'll pull it out tonight...

  2. I love You Tube! Thanks for putting this up Sarah. When I was in high school, my friends and I would get together to watch SCTV. What a hoot! This is one skit I think I must have missed because I don't remember it.
    This is Earl Camenbert and I'm Floyd Robertson....
    Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Pancakes...
    HA!! I'll have to look for reruns now.

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