Monday, December 4, 2006


Got a wonderful little e-mail from my buddy Leigh. Thought I'd share...

I just had to tell you that i made the Groovy Garden
Vegetable Casserole from LDV, thinking i would make it
for myself and have the rest for leftovers. My mom
came into the kitchen and asked to try it, and she
LOVED it. This is the woman who is terrified of tofu
or anything vegan. I don't have a food processor
anymore, so the topping was sorta chunky bread and
tofu, but still really good. My mom wants me to make
it as the stuffing for Thanskgiving next year. Too

I thought you'd enjoy this little tidbit about a
meat-eater who loved a LDV recipe :)

Love, leigh!

1 comment:

  1. How cool. :)

    My sister who's a meat eater (and very suspicious of veganism/vegetarianism) has loved everything I've made from LDV. She was always begging me to make her something from "that vegan book."