Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cutest movie...

Cutest movie ever...
I needed a nice light snack of a movie and this was it. A lovely little treat.

In other important news...I bought THE BEST BATHING SUIT EVER from a store called Paradise Cove. It's red with white polka dots and it's a little Bettie/Marilyn & Esther Williams all rolled into one.

I'd post a photo but... um... it's a bathing suit and I'm not sure I'm ready to show you that. *laugh* I spent a few hours trying on bathing suit after bathing suit this afternoon only to feel frumpy and squishy in all the wrong places but the suits at Paradise Cove make me feel like a sexy retro Goddess.

Gotta love a bathing suit that makes you feel good about your body.


  1. I'll look out for the movie! Did you ever see Amelie? It's French with subtitles, but it is probably my favourite feelgood film in the world! Audrey Tautou is so cute!

  2. That's've got a photo of yourself in a bathing suit in a cookbook for the world to see, don't you? :P

    Lucky you, I think I'm destined to feel frumpy/fat in bathing suits the rest of my life!

  3. Ha ha ha. Melissa. You're totally right. I'm such a jackass. *laugh*

    This bathing suit could make Jabba The Hut feel like a pin-up girl. :)

  4. i was so excited to come across your blog.

    got the cook books... vegan, vegan baby, etc.

    i look forward to keeping an eye on your site :)