Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First class

Went to my first photography class tonight. It was fun...Some stuff we covered I already knew but I also learned a fair bit and I know I'll learn more as the weeks roll on. A nice mix of people as well... I wasn't the youngest or the oldest so that felt good. *laugh*The best part is that unlike the last time I was in school (some time in the late 80's) I wasn't afraid to ask questions or to answer something even if the answer might be wrong and I wasn't obsessing over that shi**y boy who said he liked me but ignored me when other people were around. It feels great to be a grown up.

Then I came home to this...
Gerry's practicing his Zombie faces for filming on Friday.


  1. creeeeepyy, way to go!

  2. Thanks Aud
    Have you gone to Winterpeg yet?

  3. Can't wait to see you grow as a photographer! You already do SOOOOO much. Bless you for that...

    I wonder... What's next for Sarah!?!?!

    Pesach peace,

  4. Gerry scares me hehehe

  5. I have graduated contact lenses in a pink spiral.. is kind of weird but I love them!

    Good luck with your classes.


  6. Sounds fun. Good for you Sarah. You are a fantastic photographer.

  7. photo class hmmm? that's awesome.
    I've been recently accepted in to York for their masters programme... soon I'll be able to teach photo classes...

    what kind of photo-class is it?


  8. It's a introduction to photography class. I already know quite a bit... but there's lots I don't know and understand.

    Like apertures. Ugh. Can't get my brain around it. : )