Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So much exhausting stuff going on at work right now and none of it worth writing about. *laugh*

Had my third photography class last night...the numbers are really stressing me out. My learning disability with numbers is really messing me up ... but I'm trying not to freak out and just absorb what everything means. I'm a grown-up for god's sake. I know I'm not stupid ... it just takes me longer to learn certain things. I love being a grown-up... When I was a kid in school I felt like the dumbest kid in class, now I know better...

These are the photos I took into class for critque. Our assignment was "lines". This first one was a happy accident. I am practicing "depth of field" with my camera (I never knew I could do this with my camera) so while I was setting up my shot and fiddling with my aperture etc etc. Gerry was VERY bored and yawned and I managed to catch it. I love this photo as did my teacher.

This one I was practicing "depth of field" again and seeing what range my camera has.
I don't think it's much of a shot... but Gerry loves it for some reason.

I seriously need a vacation or something... Or a day off with NOTHING to do. Owning your own business is really exhausting. It is very rare when we have a day off and we don't do something "work" related. A cabin in the woods with no phone or internet access sounds like something I need right now. Or maybe just a massage.


  1. Hey, Sarah, we've got a cottage out on a lake, with no road access...its perfect for what you need ;)

  2. Great photos! I would LOVE to take a class like that. There are lots of cabins to rent in and around Victoria- get off your cute little butt and make some calls. Surprise your hubby. Do it! Do it!

  3. And... that photo of Gerry is fricking awesome.

  4. Thanks Kramers
    I love it as well...

  5. I love that pic of Gerry. I think you'll be a great photographer, Sarah!

  6. Hey, we know of a cabin up in Tofino if you're wanting a little weekend getaway. You drive up to a wooded area, follow a skinny little path in and there's this sweet little place built up against a hill with a tiny little creek in the tiny little back yard. SO awesome. I could live there.
    We are not able to take big long holidays so we recharge with 'cabin weekends' every few months. It's great.

  7. I love your photos, and I am also a budding photographer and a vegan of course :) What camera do you shoot with?

  8. Hello Anonymous
    Thanks for the compliment. :)
    I shoot with a little digital point and shoot. The Canon Powershot S-70. I love it. It's so light and small I can take it just about anywhere...

    I am going to get a SLR soon... just gotta save some coin.

  9. Nice pix, Sarah!

  10. your pics are really beautiful! great shots.
    and thanks for posting that "depth of field" link.
    i just bought an SLR, the canon D350 "rebel", and i have the same thing with numbers...
    but it is SO much fun...looking forward to a long quiet weekend with just the camera and lots of time to get to know it better.
    hope you're well! go and get that massage. :)

    oh, i'm sure you've heard about this page...?

  11. Sarah...I have Canon Powershot too. Who know I could do depth of field? I really shood read the manual one of these days!